gzip compression

Files: read & write

Read and write compressed or uncompressed files (Python3)


compression is identified by file ending:   

   uncompressed: filename.txt   

   gzip:         filename.txt.gz  

   bzip2:        filename.txt.bz2 

gzip compression

import fileinput

# read gzip file

with fileinput.hook_compressed('input_file.gz','rt') as f:

    for line in f:



# write gzip file (byte mode required)

with fileinput.hook_compressed('output_file.gz','wb') as f:

    f.write( b'Number of samples: ' )

    f.write( str(50).encode('utf-8') )

    f.write( b'\n')

Compress text file using gzip

# read original file, write as gz compressed file

import gzip

import shutil

with open('path/to/input/file.txt', 'rb') as f_in:               # open original file for reading

    with gzip.open('path/to/output/file.txt.gz', 'wb') as f_out: # open gz file for writing

        shutil.copyfileobj(f_in, f_out)                          # write/copy text file into gz file